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On-Track Aviation


On-Track Aviation Limited was formed in 1997 by Alan Newton and Mark Young and operated within an already established flying school in Oxfordshire. The training courses were aimed at the PPL initially but a decision was taken in 2001 to specialise in training for professional pilot qualifications only. Instructor Training including Instructor Refresher Seminars were the first specialist area of professional training the company pursued gaining Approval in July 2001.

LAPL(A), PPL(A), Aerobatic Rating, MEP, Night Rating, IR(R), Tailwheel Conversion, UPRT, Formation, FI(A), CRI(A), Aerobatic Instructor, Night Instructor, UPRT Instructor, Synthetic Training Instructor, IRI, Class Rating Examiner, Flight Examiner, Flight Instructor Examiner, Instrument Rating Examiner

+44 (0)1789 842777

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